Jay Rajasekera

Professor of Management Systems and Strategy 
※PhD Faculty Member
Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 1984

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Jay Rajasekera

Previous Positions:

AT&T Bell Laboratories, 1984-1995, USA
Director, Global Business Systems, USA

Current Research Interests:

Corporate IT Strategies
National IT Policy
Mobile Technologies
Optimization Modeling
Production and Logistic Management

Major Publications:

Book: Current Research in Modeling, Data Mining & Quantitative Techniques, University of Western Sydney, 2004
Book: Visual Age for JAVA (with IBM Japan, in Japanese), Toppan Japan, 2001
Book: Entropy Optimization and Mathematical Programming, Kluwer NY, 1997
Plus about 30 more articles published in world-class journals

Other Achievements:

Patent : MoMoCam Mobile Camera for Mobile Phone, Feb 2002
Patent: Repeater Optimization Algorithm (with Bell Labs for world’s 1st undersea optical cable; being used still for major cable projects used by Internet traffic), 1989
Opinions quoted in Asian Wall Street Journal and Nihon Keizai Shinbun, and Asia Inc.
Special contribution award, AT&T Bell Laboratories, received twice 1989, 1990