Course Reserve Materials

2017 Fall MKG4240
McCaughan, David /

- Title Author Publisher Class No. Book ID Cover Image
1 Copy, copy, copy : how to do smarter marketing by using other peoples ideas / Mark Earls ; with illustrations by John V. Willshire Earls, Mark Wiley 675.2-E12-2015 T119056 [*]
2 Strategic advertising campaigns / Don E. Schultz, Beth E. Barnes Schultz, Don E. NTC Business Books 674-S387-1995 T119129 [*]
3 The 100 best TV commercials . . . and why they worked / Bernice Kanner Kanner, Bernice Times Business 674.6-K16-1999 T119149 [*]
4 Truth, lies, and advertising : the art of account planning / by Jon Steel Steel, Jon Wiley 674.253-S813-1998 T119144 [*]