Course Reserve Materials

2017 Fall ADC6920
Nuclear Issues: Safety and Non-Proliferation
Komano, Kinichi /

- Title Author Publisher Class No. Book ID Cover Image
1 A short history of nuclear folly : [mad scientists, dithering Nazis, lost nukes, and catastrophic cover-ups] / Rudolph Herzog ; translated by Jefferson Chase Herzog, Rudolph Melville House 319.8-H582-2013 T119107 [*]
2 At the abyss : an insider's history of the Cold War / Thomas C. Reed Reed, Thomas C. Presidio Press 319.53-R326-2005 T118335 [*]
3 Raeding Packet adc6920 Nuclear Issues: Safety and Non-Proliferation / Komano - - - RPB7002 [*]
4 The psychology of nuclear proliferation : identity, emotions, and foreign policy / Jacques E.C. Hymans Hymans, Jacques E.C. Cambridge University Press 319.8-H996-2006 T108170 [*]
5 The quest : energy, security, and the remaking of the modern world / Daniel Yergin Yergin, Daniel, 1949- Penguin Books 501.6-Y47-2012 T119094 [*]