Course Reserve Materials

2017 Fall ADC5460
Human Rights and Global Justice
Saji, Motohide /

- Title Author Publisher Class No. Book ID Cover Image
1 Humanitarian intervention : ideas in action / Thomas G. Weiss ; [with a foreword by Gareth Evans] Weiss, Thomas George Polity Press 329.5-W432-2007 T111020 [*]
2 Incognito : the secret lives of the brain / David M. Eagleman Eagleman, David Vintage Books 491.371-E11-2012 T119158 [*]
3 Life 3.0 : being human in the age of artificial intelligence / by Max Tegmark Tegmark, Max Alfred A. Knopf 007.13-T261-2017 T119177 [*]
4 Reading Packet DCC5460 : Human rights and global justice / Saji - - - RPB6004 [*]
5 Real world justice : grounds, principles, human rights, and social institutions / edited by Andreas Follesdal and Thomas Pogge Føllesdal, Andreas Springer 316.1-R288-2005 T108109 [*]
6 The anatomy of violence : the biological roots of crime / Adrian Raine Raine, Adrian Penguin 368.6-R155-2014 T119172 [*]
7 The happiness industry : how the government and big business sold us well-being / William Davies Davies, William, 1976- Verso 331.1-D257-2016 T119159 [*]
8 The philosophy of human rights / Patrick Hayden Hayden, Patrick, 1965- Paragon House 316.1-H415-2001 T108092 [*]
9 The self illusion : who do you think you are? / Bruce Hood Hood, Bruce M. Constable 361.4-H776-2011 T119165 [*]
10 Universal human rights in theory and practice / Jack Donnelly Donnelly, Jack Cornell University Press 316.1-D685-2003 T107553 [*]
11 World poverty and human rights : cosmopolitan responsibilities and reforms / Thomas W. Pogge Pogge, Thomas Winfried Menko Polity 316.1-P746-2002 T108093 [*]