IM Course Offerings 2018 Winter

- Course ID Course Name Instructor
1 ACT4020 Financial Statement Analysis Lee, Hyunkoo
2 ECN1010 Managerial Economics Ito, Haruyoshi
3 FIN1010 Corporate Finance Liu, Ming
4 FIN4030 Debt Securities Markets Ito, Haruyoshi
5 FIN4310 Private Equity & Venture Capital Ciferri Ceretti, Ludovico V.
6 FIN4340 Corporate Governance Lee, Hyunkoo
7 ITC4020 Database Design and Management Strategies Aung, Zaw Zaw
8 ITC4070 Infrastructure Planning and Management Sano, Kazushi
9 MGT1010 Organizational Behavior Hirose, Shinichi
10 MGT1080 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development Magnier-Watanabe, Remy
11 MGT1100 Cross-Cultural Management Aung, Zaw Zaw
12 MGT1110 Business Ethics Aung, Zaw Zaw
13 MGT4320 Corporate Level Strategy Zhang Zhang, Yingying
14 MGT4450 Strategic Environmental Management Suzuki, Masachika
15 MGT4460 Innovation and New Business Creation Wakayama, Toshihiro
16 MGT4490 Negotiation Strategy Yokose, Tsutomu
17 MKG1010 Marketing Management Sharkasi, Nour M.A.
18 MKG4140 Marketing Communications Acar, Adam
19 MKG4220 Customer Relationship Management and Data Analysis Sharkasi, Nour M.A.
20 MKG4250 Marketing Intelligence Comai, Alessandro
GSIM Faculty,
21 OPR1010 Operations Management Li, Wenkai
22 OPR4130 Project Risk Management Rajasekera, Jay R.
23 SEM4010 Research Seminar Ⅰ Rajasekera, Jay R.
Wakayama, Toshihiro
Aung, Zaw Zaw
Ito, Haruyoshi
Hirose, Shinichi
Sharkasi, Nour M.A.
Zhang Zhang, Yingying
24 SEM4020 Research Seminar Ⅱ Rajasekera, Jay R.
Wakayama, Toshihiro
Kase, Kimio
Cooray, Nawalage Seneviratne
Lee, Hyunkoo
Aung, Zaw Zaw
Liu, Ming
Li, Wenkai
Ito, Haruyoshi
Hirose, Shinichi
Sharkasi, Nour M.A.
Zhang Zhang, Yingying
Hiraki, Takato