Library Rules

  • Please check out MLIC materials according to the circulation rules described in this Library Guide.

  • Study carrels in the library are for public use. Please do not leave personal belongings there. The library staff will not be responsible for any loss or damage of your personal belongings unattended in the library. Personal belongings should not be left at study carrels for more than one hour.

  • Eating and smoking is prohibited in the library. Drinking is permitted if drinks are brought in in spill-proof cups or screw-top bottles.

  • Please refrain from private talk, or using the library facility for group discussion. The library must be a quiet place for individual study and research.

  • The use of mobile phones in the library is strictly prohibited. Please make sure to switch off your mobile phone, or change it to the silent mode, before entering the library.

  • You are responsibile for any damage, mutilation, or loss of any item borrowed from MLIC. You will be charged for the full replacement cost.

  • Books left on study carrels overnight will be reshelved by the library staff even if you leave a note.

  • There are 2 photocopy machines in the library. Please be mindful of the copyright limitation when you take any photocopy of the library items.