Book Purchase Request

Rules for Book Request


The primary users (i.e., students and faculty members of IUJ) of MLIC may submit book requests online via your personal library account,MyLibrary. The general rules regarding the book requests are the following: .

  1. The library will consider all requests as recommendations, and the requested book will be added to the collection if the book will be a meaningful addition to the library collection.
  2. Each user may request up to three books per year. (The decision of acceptance is subject to the budget limitation).
  3. The request may not be honored if:
    • the book is not in English.
    • MLIC already has a copy.
    • the book is unrelated to the academic programs at IUJ.
    • the book is so specialized that it is not likely to be used again by other users.
    • the book was published more than 5 years previous to the request (prefer Interlibrary Loan).
    • the requester has already ordered 3 books during the academic year.
    • the cost of the book is above U.S. $100.00.
    • the accuracy of the bibliographical information provided cannot be verified or the information provided is inadequate.

Please expect 4 to 6 weeks for the ordered book(s) to arrive. If you need the book(s) in a hurry, request for air shipment is possible if you pay for the cost.
The requester will be contacted if the request is not accepted for purchase. If you were not contacted, you can assume that the book has been ordered. When the book arrives, you will be notified and the book will be held for you for 2-days under your name at the Circulation Counter. If the book is not available through the regular supplier, you will be notified so that you may make alternative plans.

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