Course Reserve Materials

Course Reserve Materials are books and articles which are required reading for courses.

Check-in/out for Course Reserved Materials

  1. Please look up the title of the reserve material you need in the Course Reserve List (a blue file) on the Circulation Counter to confirm the Particular material is really on reserve.
    Please check the Card Number of the material, indicated in the left column of the list. You can also check all information on required texts, books, and materials for the courses by simply clicking [IR Meterials] [IM Meterials] from [Course Reserves] of the Library top page or search via Catalog by using Course ID.
  2. Pick up the corresponding card from the trays. The cards are arranged by the family name of the professor offering the course, and in order of the Card Number.
  3. Give the card to the library assistants with your user ID card and he/she will get the reserve material for you.
  4. You may check out up to 5 materials.
  5. You can keep a course reserve material for 1 Day (1 night and 2 days). You can renew the material if another user has not reserved it. Please make sure that you return the material by the Due-date. The overdue fines(1000 yen per day/item) are calculated by computer, and library attendants cannot make any changes if the material is returned late.
  6. Course reserve materials must be returned to the Cirulation CounterReturning to Book Post is not accepted.
  7. You may reserve a course material through online if the status is ON LOAN.