The Sixth N.E.A.R. Language Education Conference, May 24, 2014



The 6th N.E.A.R. Language Education Conference will be held on Saturday, May 24, 2014, in Niigata, Japan.

The theme of the conference will be Language Learning in the 21st Century: Approaches, Needs and Contexts, and presenters will be invited to explore original ideas, novel approaches and fresh perspectives.

This unique, growing conference is seeking to build a community by bringing together language teachers and researchers working in the languages of the North East Asia Region (Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese and Russian).


大会テーマは、21世紀の言語教育: アプローチ、ニーズ、そしてコンテキスト」です。このテーマのもと、独創的な考えや新しいアプローチ、フレッシュな観点からの発表を募集します。


Conference Organization この学会は


The conference is organized by the Niigata Chapter of JALT, the University of Niigata Prefecture, and the International University of Japan.


Considering Niigata's position on the Japan Sea Coast and our strong connections to the other countries around the Japan Sea Rim, the conference focuses on Language Learning in the North East Asia Region (N.E.A.R.). It provides an excellent opportunity to share ideas with a diverse group of colleagues.






Conference Debut 第1回大会は

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