Qualifying Tests

  1. Elementary Japanese 1

    The qualifying test for Elementary Japanese 1 concerns recognition and production of hiragana as well as some katakana (Japanese alphabets), numbers (up to 100,000), and some time expressions (such as, names of months, days of the week, and days of month),

    Basic greetings and simple expressions frequently used in self-introduction, shopping in a store and eating at a restaurant will be included in the test.

    Lessons in the following textbooks show what one is expected to know for the qualifying test

    for Elementary Japanese 1.

    Minna no Nihongo I: L1-L4
    Genki I: L1-L2
    Nakama I: L1-L2

    These textbooks may be accessible in offices such as the cultural center in the Japanese Embassy, The Japan Foundation Japanese Language Center and JICA Center for Human Development.

  2. Intermediate Japanese 1 (日本語中級1)



  3. Advanced 1 (日本語上級1)


  4. Advanced 4



    試験の読み物は新聞記事などです。IUJでAdvanced 3を勉強していない学生には会話試験をします。

  5. Basic Japanese 1

    The qualifying test for Basic Japanese 1 concerns numbers (up to 10,000) and hiragana (one set of the Japanese alphabets). Test takers must be able to read and write hiragana.

    Although it is highly desirable to know some basics of Japanese such as hiragana before coming to IUJ, a 3-day Summer Intensive Japanese class is available for those who have never studied Japanese before and want to get prepared for the qualifying test for Basic Japanese 1. The details of the class are explained on page 6.

  6. Basic Japanese 4

    The qualifying test for Basic Japanese 4 concerns expressions and structures that are introduced in the first half of an “elementary” course that requires about 100 hours of study, whose approximate equivalent is; Genki: L.1-13, Yookoso: Ch.1-7, Minna no Nihongo: Ch.1-23.

    The coverage of the test includes: verb conjugation (dictionary form, ます-form or long form, て-form, ない-form or short-form negative, た-form or short form past and potential form) and adjective conjugation (including て-form), noun modifying structures. Kanji will not be tested.

  7. Business Japanese 1

    IUJでIntermediate 3を勉強しなかった学生だけに簡単(かんたん)な試験をします。試験の内容は主(おも)に敬語(けいご)です。