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Summer Intensive English Program 2017

Audio, Video & Handout Resources in OCSALS classes

OCSALS will be using these resources in the classes and provide online access to them on this page. The table below is based on OCSALS calendar of classes. It shows:

  • links to audio and video resources used in the class (in green).
  • quizzes, tests, and presentations that will be formally graded (in red).
  • the activities for the final group project (in blue).

When you click a link, it will take you to the page which shows a list of all the audio or the videofiles. Find the link on that page and click it.

Links will be activated in the afternoon on the day of the class. You can access the materials after your TS classes.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1

Note-taking exercises: Cameras, Printer(reading & outline)
Culture (audio)

Week 2

1st Oral Presentations
(group one)

English as a World Language

1st Oral Presentations
(group two)

Expert Presenters and Tutorials
(video & website)

Expert Presenters and Tutorials
(videos & website)


No Class

Lecture VS Conversation

Week 3
Listening Quiz 1
2nd Oral Presentation
(group one)

2nd Oral Presentations
(group two)

Immigration Materials

Week 4

Speaking Test 1

Week 5
No Classes. Preparation Day.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Week 6
Listening Quiz 3
3rd Oral Presentations
(group one)
3rd Oral Presentations
(group two)
Week 7

A good manager

Listening Quiz 4
Speaking Test 2

Group Project Orientation II: Cross-cultural Concepts & Frameworks

Links to orientation ppt. slides & websites

Group Dynamics Simulation

Week 8
Group Project Preparation
Group Project Preparation
Group Project Tutorials/ Rehearsals
Group Presentations
Group Presentations

Key links for OCSALS

Clear Speech (4th ed.) (audio files)
TEDTalks (selected for OCSALS)
Websites (useful for OCSALS)