Required and Elective Courses

MA in Public Management

In order to complete the Public Management and Policy Analysis Program, students are required to submit a thesis and take a number of courses. While core courses are compulsory, other courses are elective. Thesis guidance is given in the advanced seminars and students are offered academic and personal support in thesis writing by a supervisor.

Course Requirements

Students must complete the required number of credits in the Required Courses, Elective Required Courses, and Elective Courses as indicated in the following table:

Core Required Courses 17 credits
Advanced Seminars I, II, and III 6 credits
     Elective Required Courses at least 8 credits
Electives From among all courses at IUJ including preparatory and GSIM courses at least 13 credits
Total at least 44 credits

PMPP Courses

Microeconomics I
Mathematics for Economics and Management (1credit)
Statistical Methods
Public Management
Data Analysis
Public Policy Process
Public Policy Modeling
Public Administration
Public Finance and Budgeting
Advanced Seminars I, II, and III
Comparative Government and Politics
Corporate Finance
Cost Benefit Analysis
Cross-Sectional and Panel-Analysis
Development Economics
Development of Japanese Industry and Business
Development Planning
Environmental Policy
Financial Accounting and Reporting
Foundations of Web Technologies*
Governmental Accountin and Reporting
Health Policy
International Organizations
International Taxation*
Introduction to Electronic Goverenment
IT Strategy and Policy Planning*
Japanese Energy Pooicy and Regulations
Japanese Public Finance and Administration
Local Government and Public Services
Microeconomics II
Policy Evaluation and Management
Project Cycle Management
Public Human Resource Management
Public Information Policy and Management
Public Management Information Systems
Public Organization Theory
Public Private Partnership
Quantitative Methods for Decision Making
Research Methodology
Time Series Analysis
Urban and Regional Planning
* GSIM course
Electives*From among all
the courses
offered in
Applied Time Series Analysis
Chinese Foreign Policy
Computable General Equilibrium Modeling
Contemporary Japanese Politics
Cross-cultural Communication

Environmental Economics
Essentials of Economics
Foreign Policy Analysis
Foundations of Web Technologies*
Global Civil Society
Global Issues: UNU Global Seminar
Health Economics
History of International Relations
Human Rights and Global Justice
Industrial Organization and Public Policy
Inequality and Poverty: Measurement and Applications
International Conflict Resolution
International Economic Systems and Order
International Finance
International Law
International Migration and Human Security
International Political Economy
International Politics
International Trade and Investment
Investments and Asset Pricing
IT Strategy & Policy Planning*
Japanese Banking and Financial Systems
Japanese Political Economy
Macroeconomic Modeling and Forecasting
Macroeconomics and Policy Analysis
Macroeconomics I, II
Mathematics for Economics and Management (C)
Monetary Economics and Policy Analysis
Money and Banking
Peace, War and the Development of Modern Japan
Postwar Japanese Economy
Poverty, War and Human Security
Public Finance
Public Sector Economics
Time Series Analysis
UN and Global Governance
* GSIM course

Language Courses

Please note that any credit gained from language courses cannot contribute towards your graduation, while you can earn some credits by taking language courses

English Academic English I, II, III
English for Thesis Writing I, II
English for Professional Communications
Japanese Elementary Japanese I, II, III
Intermediate Japanese I, II, III
Advanced Japanese I, II, III, IV, V, VI
Basic Japanese I, II, III, IV, V, VI
Business Japanese I, II, III