Messages from Students & Alumni

Graduates of PMPP are skilled in public management, numerous computer programs, and languages. As a result, they are highly competitive in multiple job markets, especially in Japan.

Many graduates have successfully found jobs in international organizations, research institutes, consulting firms, banks, and multinational enterprises. Prestigious Ph.D. programs in economics and related fields are another avenue open to IDP graduates.


Nigel Gavilan Rillon Class of 2013 Philippines

T he Public Management and Policy Analysis Program (PMPP) gave its students the opportunity to learn about the fundamental theories in public administration, public management, and public policy. It complemented this theoretical component with intense training on quantitative methods and models, including courses in economics and statistics which involve the use of the latest statistical analysis software. Finally, elective courses allowed us to study specific topics that helped round out our education.

IUJ provided adequate facilities for study and recreation despite its secluded location. Clubs in various sports were an outlet for students wanting to take a break from their studies. There were frequent social gatherings that always welcomed anyone who happened to just pass by. In the winter, abundant snow and nearby ski resorts made for fun playgrounds despite the biting cold. 

The student body of IUJ is a mixture of individuals who come from different cultures. This diversity produced different perspectives that shine through in both academic and social discussions. I learned much from these cross-cultural interactions and have become more aware and even more curious of what other countries have to offer. The close conditions in which we students lived made these interactions regular, creating close personal connections and wide professional networks. IUJ is truly where the world gathers.

Anura H. Thawalampolage Class of 2012 Sri Lanka Ministry of Public Administration & Home Affairs

P nternational MPP program influenced me to achieve a great metamorphosis in my professional life as a public administrator. Intellectual faculty members with diverse academic and professional experiences guided and mentored me to explore my fitness to hold the title “contemporary public manager” while helping me to fulfill the knowledge, skill and attitude gaps. My new inner sense gives me strong confidence to go back to my country as a newly born public official and drive the mechanism of public sector in my country to achieve the aspirations of its people.