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 +  2003 July-August, Visiting Fellow, Institute of Development Studies at University of Sussex
 +  2002 to date-Assistant Professor, International University of Japan
 +  1999-2002 Research Associate, United Nations University/Institute of Advanced Studies,
     Tokyo, Japan
 +  2002-2002 Visiting Lecturer, The University of Tsukuba (in Winter 2002)
 +  2001-2002 Part time Lecturer, International University of Japan (Fall 2001 and Winter 2002)
 +  1999-2001 Visiting Fellow, Institute of Oriental culture, The University of Tokyo
 +  1997-99: Part-time Visiting Professor at Yokkaichi University (Japan)
 +  1996-99: UN Researcher United Nations Centre for Regional Development (Japan)
 +  1995-96 Teaching Assistant (Graduate School of Economics, University of Nagoya, Japan)
 +  1990-90 Visiting Lecturer (Maradana Technical College, Colombo, Sri Lanka)
 +  1987-90 Wharf Manager (Co-operative Wholesale Establishment, Govt. of Sri Lanka)
 +  1984-87 Assistant Teacher (Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka).
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