How to read Notices from Mail Delivery Services

Kuroneko (Black Cat)

Post Office (Yubinkyoku)

Express Mail (Sagawa Kyubin)


Kuroneko (Black Cat) Delivery Service

To Whom: Info on undeliverable package

____ Month ____ Day ____ Hour ____Minutes

<– Took item to our Office. Please come pick it up.

<– Will try to deliver again at noted time today.

<– We left the item with the person noted. Please pick it up.

<– Delivery attempted for second time.

<– Please check invoice on reverse side (or attached).

<– Information on the sender of the item. Shipment tracking number, name of sender and city of shipment origin.

<– Nature of Item.

If you want to pick up your item, please call us first so that can be arranged with the driver. Please bring your hanko (if you have one) and drivers license (picture ID).

Muikamachi Office info, and delivery person`s name


Postal Service

Note from the Post Office

Todays Date ___ Yr. ___Mo. ___ Day

To Whom:

From Osaki Branch.

Name of contact person is in the box.

Telephone number to call for info

We tried to deliver a package today, but were not successful. Delivery will be attempted again after 5pm.

Senders name

Nature of the Item


Sagawa Kyubin (express mail service) Date of notice ___Yr.___Mo. ___Day

Unable to deliver AM-PM __Hour __Min.

1. Took item back to our office. Please call us.
2. Other

Number to Call for Info and Delivery arrangement
Contact person`s name.