6.  AEON Scholarship (AEON)

The AEON 1% Club was inaugurated in 1989 with grants from AEON to protect the environment, promote international culture and inter-personal exchange, and revitalize local cultures and communities. Based on their core values of pursuing peace, respect for humanity, and contribution to the community, they provide scholarships for newly enrolling international students as a part of international culture and inter-personal exchange activities.

This scholarship is applicable for all IRP, IDP, PMPP and MBA applicants (both domestic and international applicants).

AEON 1% Club makes the final selection of their scholarship recipients.

Students are required to attend events organized by AEON.

Events: Scholarship investiture, scholars’ gatherings, tree planting efforts in the local community and other activities related to environmental conservation, international culture and inter-personal exchange and revitalization of local culture and communities.

AEON Scholarship shall be suspended or terminated by the AEON 1% Club if the selected students go on exchange and/or get paid for an internship.



This scholarship is available for those who are from the following Asian countries and regions and who are 35 years of age or younger as of April 1, 2011.


Hong Kong








Full Tuition:                                 1,900,000 yen

Monthly Stipend:                            100,000 yen

Scholarship for two academic years, in principle

Interview is held in September.

Partial admission fee of 250,000yen (out of a total admission fee of 300,000 yen) will be  covered by IUJ.

Successful applicants are responsible for paying the balance of the admission fee, 50,000 yen, by the designated deadline according to the guidelines for successful applicants.