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FALL 2016

September 1 (Thu)

The academic year begins

September 2 (Fri)

Intensive English Program (IEP) ends (IEP schedule: July 11 – September 2)

Around September 19 (Mon)- September 30 (Fri)

Programs and guidance for new enrollees: Intensive Japanese Program, Campus Life Orientation, Career Workshop, Academic Orientation, etc.

September 19 (Mon)

National Holiday

September 22 (Thu)

National Holiday

September 30 (Fri)

New Students Welcome Day

October 3 (Mon)

Fall term courses begin

October 3 (Mon)– 11 (Tue)

Registration for fall term courses

October 10 (Mon)

National Holiday

November 3 (Thu)

National Holiday

November 4 (Fri)

Last day for withdrawal from fall term courses

Mid November

Pre-registration for winter term courses

November 23 (Wed)

National Holiday

December 9 (Fri)

Last day for fall term courses

December 12 (Mon)– 16 (Fri)

Final examinations for fall term courses



January 6 (Fri)

Winter term courses begin

January 6 (Fri) – 13 (Mon)

Registration for winter term courses

January 9 (Mon)

National Holiday

February 9 (Thu)

Last day for withdrawal from winter term courses

February 11 (Sat)

National Holiday

Mid February

Pre-registration for spring term courses

March 16 (Thu)

Last day for winter term courses

March 17 (Fri)– 23 (Thu)

Final examinations for winter term courses

March 20(Mon)

National Holiday



April 3 (Mon)

Spring term courses begin

April 3 (Mon)– 10 (Mon)

Registration for Spring term courses

April 29 (Sat)

National Holiday

May 3 (Wed) – 5 (Fri)

National Holidays

May 8 (Mon)

Last day for withdrawal from spring term courses

May 14 (Sun)

IUJ’s Foundation day

June 9 (Fri)

Last day for spring term courses

June 12 (Mon)– 15 (Thu)

Final examinations for spring term courses

June 24 (Sat)

Graduation Ceremony

Late June – Mid August

Summer study period for 1-year Program students

July 17 (Mon)

National Holiday

Mid July

Pre-registration for fall term courses

August 11 (Fri)

National Holiday

August 31 (Wed)

Graduation Day for 1-year Program students

The academic year ends